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Customer Testimonials


"I enjoy using Transportation on Demand because I have the convenience of dealing with one company while still having several options for my freight needs.  My company's transportation needs are met with one clean package of friendly people who are willing to do what it takes to get the job done."

Pomona, CA. 10 years

"As I was telling you when we spoke today...You have one of the best customer service departments ever! I'm never left on hold for long periods of time,  every one I have spoken to is always nice and cheery and best of all I am not let off the phone until whatever I needed is done or answered. I can't tell you how many times other companies have told me to call back because they couldn't answer my question or track my shipment yet.  Thank you and I look forward to doing much more business with you and Transportation on Demand!"



Sarah Malloy

"TOD's service is exceptional from start to finish.  Your knowledgeable staff provides complete service every step of the way for ALL of our shipments including: carrier selection, bottom-line pricing, pick up, tracking, appointments (if needed), on time delivery, and confirmations.  TOD continues to be our key logistics provider that delivers 100% complete satisfaction, year after year."


Ontario, CA.8 years

"Our accounting folks love TOD.  Invoices are simple and if there is problem. it is always explained or fixed promptly.  Rates are competitive and they are willing to do whatever it takes to make the customer happy."

Charleston, SC.  6 years

"I enjoy the hassle free service Transportation on Demand provides.  They handle all of my shipping requirements which leaves me more available time for my other job responsibilities.  This allows me and my company to operate more efficiently."

Ontario, CA. 6 years